Report of the Nominating Committee 2021


Nominating Committee:

Brad King, N8PFC

Existing Board of Director



November Club Meeting - Nominations committee presentation with nominations from the floor. 

November Club Meeting - Nominations closed .

December 2021– Vote is taken at December Club meeting.

December 2021 -- Club Meeting – Election conducted by vote of the Membership.  A paper ballot will be used if there are any contested positions


Officers – Article II

Section 1. The officers of this organization shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary,

Treasurer, House manager, a Director - Membership, and two (2) Directors.

Section 2. The officers and Directors of this organization shall be elected by majority vote of the

qualified members present at the annual meeting of the organization except for one Director

position shall be filled by the most available past president.

Section 3. The tenure of the offices of this organization shall be one (1) year except as provided

hereinafter. Incoming officers shall take office at the first meeting in January.

Section 4. The Board of Directors shall consist of the President and Vice-President, Secretary,

Treasurer, House Manager, and the most available immediate past President. The Board shall

also include the Resident Agent, Director – Membership and one (1) duly elected director.

Section 5. Requirements of candidates for office: President and Vice-President shall hold a valid

Amateur Radio Operator’s license, be of legal age and shall have held at least one other term of

office in this organization. All other officers shall be legally licensed as Amateur Radio


Section 6. The three (3) most available previous past presidents shall serve as the nomination

committee and will provide a slate of officers for election. The President may serve or appoint a

member in good standing if three (3) past presidents are not available. Other nominations may be

made from the floor.


Sections 1 and 4 Table


Section 1 Positions – OfficersSection 4 - BOD Positions Method of Inclusion

President                                 Elected

Vice President                            Elected

Secretary                                 Elected

Treasurer                                 Elected

House Manager                             Elected

Director (Membership)                     Elected

Director (Most Available Past President)  Appointed

Director                                  Elected

Resident Agent                            Appointed


Note: Only the Section 1 positions are filled by election.


These positions must be appointed by the president, as above:

1.Most available past president

2. Resident Agent




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