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Monthly meetings are always the first Thursday of the Month at 7 PM. The June 5, 2014 meeting will be at the Club House, 2888 Scenic Drive.

The Muskegon Area Amateur Radio Council has served the amateur radio operator and the public in Muskegon County. MAARC was founded November 6, 1941.

      Club News

Club Meeting June 5 at 7 PM at the Club House 2888 Scenic Drive.

The Topic will be Single Operator 2 Radios (SO2R) station design. AH6MQ will explain his design, show equipment, and how to utilize a multiband antenna with up to 3 radios transmitting at the same time.

  WAS - Worked All States

This is a W8ZHO contest as well.  Get a great reward to use as wall paper and add to your collection. See Contest page. See award upper right corner.

  On-Going Education

An on-going amateur radio education also presents an important topic at the Club Meetings each month.

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