Dues are payable by December 31st every year for the next calendar year.

New memberships may be prorated and new licensees will receive free membership for the remainder of the calendar year for the year their license was issued.    

Regular annual membership dues are: $35 (may be prorated by quarters of the calendar year for new members).  

Associate membership is $10. Each additional family members' membership is $10 per year.

PayPal payments may be made online by sending funds to maarc@w8zho.com. These funds are picked up by the club treasurer, Paul Phillips, KD8HSC.  




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Payments may be sent to:

Muskegon Area Amateur Radio Council

2888 Scenic Dr
N Muskegon, MI 49445

Or through PayPal to maarc@w8zho.com


Benefit 1 – Help and Support an important group activity. MAARC, a 501(c)3 organization, also accepts tax free donations

Benefit 2 – Copy of FLASHOVERS NEWSLETTER emailed to each member giving up-to-date news on ham happenings in and around Muskegon County

Benefit 3 – Opportunity to take part in Council sponsored events, contests, education, field day, nets, and camaraderie

Benefit 4 - Opportunity to operate the Club Station

Benefit 5 - Opportunities to take part in educational programs, license upgrading, kit building, operating procedures, new technology, and supporting the community though public service



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